Separating or divorcing?

  • Arguing over who gets what property, finances and belongings?
  • Can’t agree on parenting arrangements for the children?
  • We have successfully settled the most hostile of separations and can help you settle it now & keep it out of court.
  • We won’t drag your matter out, we will sort it out quickly to avoid you having to pay unnecessary legal fees without the need to go to Court.
  • Settle your separation matters now through mediation at low cost.
  • Once an agreement is reached, we can help formalise it into court orders.

Family Mediation Matters provides family mediations with an independent, impartial Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) - someone who can help you resolve your property settlement, financial matters and children's matters without ever having to go to Court.

We look at options and help you work out the best way to reach agreement.

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An all-in Mediation service is provided:

  • We offer a free intake session (up to 30 mins) – by telephoning 0418 871 062
  • We offer:
    • a 2 hour mediation for $1,000 for simple matters; OR
    • a 4 hour for $2,000 for either children or property; OR
    • full day for $3,000 which covers both children and property matters.
  • We draft the Court Orders for both to sign if you reach an agreement – avoiding court or further legal fees.

So what is FDR Family Dispute Resolution (“Mediation”) and what do mediators do?

Mediation is a smarter alternative than going to Court.  The Mediator will talk to both of you after the breakdown of your relationship and help you come to an agreement on how to divide property, finances and belongings and to make arrangements for your children for the future.

Within weeks, Mediation can be arranged by either:

  1. In a face to face meeting with the Mediator (same room); or
  2. By shuttle (2 separate rooms) where you don’t have to see each other; or
  3. On the telephone; or
  4. By online video conference. 


Before our first session, please print and read, so that you are fully prepared.

Preparing for Mediation Checklist for Mediation Schedule of Fees Schedule of Assets & Liabilities