Depending on your circumstances, the mediation can be conducted:

  • Face to face
  • By phone
  • By video conference
  • In separate rooms (by shuttle)

It is important that you feel safe during the Mediation and inform us immediately if you are concerned for your safety or the safety of your children.  On request, adequate safety measures will be put in place, but if you do feel unsafe at any time, you are free to leave the Mediation.

The FDR Mediation is a facilitative mediation process which aims at assisting you reach a mutual agreeable solution to your property division and/or children’s matters.  It is aimed to reduce conflict so that your communication can improve and focus on more positive co-parenting in the future.

Before you attend Mediation

I will provide you with a list of documents to gather and bring to the Mediation.  You will also need to complete the intake form prior to the Mediation.

Being well prepared will increase your chances of obtaining a resolution at Mediation
At Mediation, be reassured that your sensitive personal information and/or financial information is kept confidential.  Anything said or any proposal made at Mediation is also confidential and cannot later be used as evidence.

If you are experiencing emotional difficulties, you are encouraged to attend counselling prior to the Mediation.  Should you wish to obtain any referrals, you are welcome to contact me.

As I am impartial to both of you and will not take sides.  I will not be providing any legal advice and you are both encouraged to obtain independent legal advice prior to Mediation, and you are welcome to stand the mediation down at any time to enable you to obtain advice on the Mediation day.